Manicure        $25
Gelish Manicure        $35
Spa Pedicure        $50
Gel Pedicure        $60
Additional Nail Services
Polish Change Hands        $10
Polish Change Feet        $15
Buff & Polish        $15
Acrylic Full Set        $55
Acrylic Fills        $30
Pink & White Full Set        $65
Pink & White Fills        $35
Nail Repair           $3 per nail
Paraffin Treatment Hand or Foot        $20
Ion Foot Detox
Lifestyle, environment and/or stress are all
contributing factors of toxin build up in our
bodies. When this occurs, the body's own
methods of self cleansing fall behind.
Approximately 95% of people have
experienced a state of acidity that is their
bodies contain an excess of hydrogen ions,
& their blood pH is lower than 7.45. Toxins
Toxins produce free radicals which must
be neutralized & removed. This treatment
results in: Enhanced Body Detoxification,
Regulation of Blood Sugar & Blood Pressure,
Inactivates Viruses, Bacteria, Yeast &
Fungus....only to name a few.

30 min. treatment - $50
*All prices are starting at and are subject to based on individual needs.
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