We encourage a full consultation with your aesthetician to help customize our facials to your individual needs.

Mini Facial      30 min. $50
For the person on the go. A 30 minute
facial designed to cleanse, exfoliate,
and moisturize.
Kaya Beauty Facial      60 min. $70
The facial begins with the cleansing
of the skin which causes the opening of
the pores. Next we steam, exfoliate &
perform extractions. This is followed
by a hydrating masque accompanied
by a neck and shoulder massage.
Farmhouse Fresh Facial      60 min. $100
This product line provides a completely
Paraben and Sulfate free option.  Perfect
for sensitive skin.  We cleanse and
exfoliate while steam prepares your
skin for extractions.  The serum,
masque and finishing products are
customized to you needs.
NuFace Microcurrent Facial      60 min. $125
After the skin is cleansed it is deeply
exfoliated with a glycolic acid peel.
Extractions follow and then we perform
the microcurrent lift. Enjoy a neck &
shoulder massage as well as a hand &
arm massage while your skin soaks up
a masque specifically chosen for your
skin type. We end this treatment by
applying toner, eye serum, moisturizer
and sunscreen. Ask your therapist
about adding serums designed to
further tone, treat dark spots & combat
fine lines & wrinkles.
Microdermabrasion      Full Face $110
Microdermabrasion is a skin refreshing
technique that helps repair facial skin
that takes a beating from the sun and
the effects of aging. A device is used to
like a fine sandblaster to spray tiny
crystals across the face, mixing gentle
abrasion with suction to remove the
dead layer of skin. As with other
techniques, more than one treatment
may be needed to reduce or remove
fine wrinkles & unwanted pigmentation.
Deluxe Pumpkin Facial      60 min. $100
Thirsty skins are drenched in oil-free
plant botanical essences, such as
cucumber, cranberry, citrus and
pomegranate. Deliciously spiced
pumpkin enzymes gently digest all
surface dead cells and impurities and
impart a more youthful look for a clean,
rosy younger complexion.
Peter Thomas Roth's Glycolic
     60 min. $100
In minutes we will gently yet efficiently
soften & exfoliate stubborn keratinized
barrier cells that prevent your precious
skin from looking and feeling its best. A
low sting "peeling" procedure removes
all foreign matter at the skins surface in
just 3 to 4 minutes, leaving your skin
smooth, healthy and more youthful.
Peter Thomas Roth's Oxygen
     60 min. $90
This superior revitalizing treatment will
restore what modern living tends to
take away from us through time. Relax
while your skin gets re-oxygenated
under warm vapor, pumping precious
surface cells to smooth out fine lines,
wrinkles and those dry patches, leaving
your skin with a more even tone that
looks and feels smooth with a youthful,
healthy glow.
Green Tea & Cucumber Treatment      60 min. $100
A refreshing & soothing facial treatment
designed to calm easily irritated skin.
Customized to soothe environmentally
sensitized skin. This treatment will
replenish lost moisture and build skin
immunity to the environment.
Un-Wrinkle Facial      60 min. $125
The ideal facial for skin that's displaying
early signs of aging or for more mature
skin with deeper wrinkles. The skin is
deeply exfoliated with glycolic acid to
help the un-wrinkle serum penetrate
the skin. This technologically advanced
treatment will leave your skin firmer,
hydrated and glowing.
Kaya Signature Oxygen Blast      45 min. $110
This state of he art skin treatment is the
only one of it's kind. Utilizing pure
oxygen gas combined with vitamins,
minerals and enzymes infused on the
face. The result is an increase in
suppleness and elasticity.
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